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Novius OS Documentation - Glossary

Term In French hide Thou Shall Not Say Definition, comment
Global, OS level ^ top
Application Application Module, Plugin, Extension, Add-on    
Applications manager Gestion des applications      
User Utilisateur      
Permission Droit d’accès Right, Access    
Role Rôle Group, User type    
Tab Onglet      
Home tab Onglet d'accueil Desktop    
System tray Barre système   Top-right corner of the tab bar used for OS-level actions  
Template Gabarit Theme, Skin 'Theme' is not used to avoid the confusion with jQuery.  
Notification bubble Bulle de notification Notification (alone), Growl, Badge, Pop-up, Alert Success, error or info messages popping up in the top-right corner when saving, editing or deleting data.  
Page Page      
Context Contexte Version Novius OS is a multi-sites multi-languages CMS. In the same back-office, you manage several contexts, e.g. B2C / B2B sites, English / Spanish versions or even B2C (English, Spanish) / B2B (English only).  
Media Centre Médiathèque Media library Novius OS uses British English, so would you please be kind enough to restrain from using "Media Center".  
Media file Média Media(s) In French: No "médium / média", we go for "média / médias".  
Applications, standard UI ^ top
App Desk App Desk mp3Grid, mp3Table, App Home, App Grid Standard UI for applications' home. It includes a main grid, surrounded by inspectors. Inspired by music players (e.g. iTunes, Banshee), it was codenamed 'mp3Grid'. See the screencast dedicated to the App Desk for further details.
Inspector Inspecteur Widget, Panel  
Main grid Tableau principal Table  
View Vue Display, Layout Saved position of the inspectors and columns  
Thumbnails Vignettes Icons, Thumbs Different types of views There are two thumbnails views: Large and small thumbnails
List Liste Grid, Details  
Tree Arborescence    
Consistency across applications helps users getting started with the software. This applies to texts, so please use the terms below for your application.
Nevertheless, leave them aside whenever specific terms provide users with a better understanding of how an application works. Just make sure the added value is worth the effort of learning a new UI/texts.
Add Ajouter Create    
Edit Modifier Update    
Delete Supprimer Remove    
Save Enregistrer OK, Submit    
Cancel Annuler Back, Discard Destructive action: data may be lost.  
Share Partager Send   See the screencast dedicated to content sharing for further details.
Translate Traduire Add in, Copy When the content in available several languages, action of adding an existing item in another language.  
Copy Copier Add in, Duplicate When several sites are managed, action of adding an existing item to another site.  
Close Fermer Quit, Exit, Remove Applies to tabs and pop-up windows.  
Developers only ^ top
These terms are meant for developers only and won't be communicated to end users. They are not to be translated either.
Launcher   Icon, Home tab icon, Home tab application Component of an application. Adds an icon to the home tab which launches the application when clicked. See the infographic about to the applications for further details.
Enhancer   Add-on, Plug-in Component of an application. Adds a function to a WYSIWYG (listed under Applications in the toolbar). Standard enhancers do not provide URLs (e.g. contact form).
URL enhancer     Specific type of enhancers which provide URLs (e.g. blog).
Item     Instance of an object.  
Observer     Comes from FuelPHP. Adds pre/post processing to insert, update, save or delete.  
Behaviour     A behaviour is an observer. In addition, it allows to add new functions to an object. E.g. translatable, publishable.  
Sharable data   Micro-data, Micro-format, Shared data Standardised data (e.g. title, URL, image) released by applications to be used in other applications with data catchers. See the screencast dedicated to content sharing for further details.
Content nugget   Data Nuggets, Content chunks Inseparable group of sharable data, e.g. title, URL, image of a blog post.
Data catcher   Sharer, Sharing provider, Connector, Micro-data Component of an application. It catches sharable data to make use of it (e.g. send a blog post in a newsletter).
Dispatcher   Connector Receives an event from an application and transmits it to the applications which are meant to react.  
Utility view     View unavaible to end users but needed by an application (e.g. Media Centre in a modal window).  
Locale     Several contexts can be managed in Novius OS. A context is either several sites / one locale, one site / several locales or several sites / several locales.
A locale is a language/country pair, e.g. en-gb (English, UK) or de-ch (German, Switzerland).
Contextable     Behaviour: when applied to a class, the items belong to a context.  
Twinnable     Behaviour: could named "contextable and twinnable". The items belong to a context and can have a twin in another context. E.g. English and Spanish versions of a same page.  
Renderer   Widget Re-usable element of the interface. E.g. color picker, page selector.  
Tree grid     Layout widgets. Used for the views of the main grid, for instance.  
Thumbnails grid      
List grid      
nos     Namespace and prefix for the core  
noviusos     Provider of Novius OS applications which are not part of the core